Well, it's back to the same old same old here on the Gulf Coast. After my last show in July I have made the decision to suspend all booking until things start to show a little bit more of promise with the virus. I'm really missing getting out there, but it does give me time to crank up the recording of the new album. I'll be spending most of August in the Slow Q Studio getting that puppy ready for your ears. It's been far too long since my last album, and needless to say the backlog of new tunes has gotten way out of hand. I'm still posting a new video every Thursday on my Facebook page, so please keep checking those out.
Hey gang, hope you're staying safe and distant as they say. I'm slowly getting back to normal, well at least as close to normal as possible. New dates are starting to pop up, so keep checking the Shows page for updates. Also, you can catch my weekly check-in on Facebook. Every Thursday since this thing I've been posting "New Tune Thursday" featuring new tunes I haven't recorded and in some cases never played live before. And the new album "Hard Pill To Swallow" will feature a bunch of these songs, so you can get a preview of what's coming down the pipe. That's it for now, guess I should wash my hands. Welcome to the new website! I'll still be playing out as Spearman Brewers from time to time, but mostly I'll be touring out under my own name. I've got a new live album coming out on March 20, "Blue Plate Special". I should have the link up on the Music page around that time. Also, there's plenty of shows dates popping up these days, so please check out the Shows page to keep up with where you can catch some original Panhandle Roots & Blues. As the song goes I "Ain't Slowing Down Just Yet"!